Welcome to Avery Search Associates
Greetings! Avery Associates is a management and executive search consulting company specializing in the graphic arts industry. We offer a complete line of management consulting services to our clients from inplant services through recruiting and executive search. Our clients are companies of various sizes and specialties that over the years have established the personal relationships needed to get the most from our services.

Our candidates are equally diversified in their skills, personalities and goals they are trying to reach. The candidate is an integral part of the search process and their obligation is to spend some time with us getting to know them so we can be effective in matching their skills with clients. All fees are paid by our clients.

We enjoy the relationships that are started due to a Web hit, regardless if it is a client or candidate, partly due to the technology and the common bond with individuals that are able to utilize the internet. It also shows initiative, resourcefulness and the ability to roll with the changes. This is a key to success in the ever changing workplace.

How to Use Our Website
Welcome Surfers!! Thanks for finding our Web site. Please browse around and look at our introduction, profile and job listings. Do not bypass the Do we have your Resume section. Life is full of changes and your current employment situation as good as it may seem now, can change in a minute. Be proactive, by contacting us you are starting a process that will pay you dividends in the future. Even if you are not currently looking for a job, after we have talked we know what opportunities you would want to be made aware of. We work confidentially and do not compromise our clients or candidates. Enjoy your browsing and we look forward to hearing from you.

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